About Us

Âsokan is Cree For bridge

By serving as a trusted advisor and “bridge-builder” between Indigenous communities and corporate entities, Âsokan facilitates meaningful partnerships that drive positive change and create lasting value for all Rightsholders and Stakeholders involved. Our commitment to integrity, sustainability, and community empowerment resonates with both Indigenous and corporate clients, positioning us as a leader in responsible business practices and driving forward the vision of a more inclusive and sustainable future.


Our mission is to create sustainable and prosperous futures. We foster Indigenous and Industry partnerships, promoting self-determination and economic growth while guiding corporations towards Indigenous inclusion and reconciliation.


Founded on empowerment and sustainability, Âsokan provides strategic advisory services to connect Industry with Indigenous Communities. We support Indigenous resilience and economic sovereignty through meaningful partnerships and equity ownership. Our focus is on promoting Indigenous corporate responsibility and creating sustainable benefits for future generations. We assist both corporations and Indigenous Communities in navigating the evolving landscape of partnership development, fostering positive, enduring relationships.


Our values of integrity, transparency and accountability are woven with the Seven Sacred Teachings of Indigenous Ways of Knowing, creating our unique DNA. 



Indigenomics Top 10 to Watch 2023
Nominated for the 2024
Nominated for the 2024 Alberta Chambers Indigenous Business of Distinction Award
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