“We are fortunate enough to work with Justin on two landmark Indigenous acquisitions. In 2021, we worked with Justin on a transaction involving 8 First Nations and Métis communities in their acquisition of a 15% equity interest in the Northern Courier Pipeline Limited Partnership, which is a pipeline asset with a value of approximately $1.3 billion. In 2022, we worked closely with Justin so that 23 First Nations and Métis communities could acquire, for $1.1 billion, an 11.57% equity interest in seven Enbridge-operated pipelines in the Athabasca region. Justin played an integral role in both of these acquisitions. In his role as a director and shareholder representative, Justin demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities of acquisitions and acquisition financings; all of which was under significant time pressures. He also has a fundamental understanding of transactions supported by provincial loan guarantees from the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation. Justin is uniquely positioned as someone who has an appreciation for Indigenous community-based values while having hands-on experience negotiating two of the largest Indigenous acquisitions in Canada.”

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