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Reflecting on 1 year of Operations at Âsokan Generational Developments Ltd.

Throughout 2023, our numerous conversations highlighted the year’s bustling activity, setting a similar pace for 2024. As the adage affirms, ‘busy is good’! This busyness is particularly appreciated when contrasted with the slower pace experienced during the pandemic’s deceleration. These are indeed busy but significant times.

Reflecting on this dynamic year, we consider various factors that have fostered a realm of opportunities for Âsokan, alongside acknowledging our notable accomplishments and challenges.

Our core purpose is to empower Indigenous communities today, while keeping an eye on the future. In navigating the evolving business landscape, we acknowledge that today’s dynamic challenges will indelibly alter our corporate structures. Climate change, mandatory ESG reporting, Industry-Indigenous partnerships, and the broader inclusion of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian economy are pivotal areas. At Âsokan, we firmly believe that our current efforts are crafting the history of tomorrow, setting the stage for a sustainable future for the coming generations.

While recent achievements mark progress, the true metric of success lies in the journey ahead and the continuous efforts required to maintain this momentum for future generations’ wellbeing. Central to our success is the capacity to transform historical societal relationships and forge new alliances. These alliances, based on mutual goals and shared benefits, are vital for advancing collective objectives and ensuring a positive future trajectory.

Âsokan, meaning ‘bridge’ in nêhiyawêwin (Cree), was founded on this very principle. As a consultancy firm, Âsokan specializes in Indigenous governance, capacity building, project management, negotiation, and developing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks for Indigenous communities and industry corporations. Our mission is to be the bridge that connects Indigenous knowledge with contemporary economic frameworks, founded on the pillars of empowerment and sustainability.

True to our name, Âsokan facilitates Indigenous participation in development opportunities. Leveraging our cultural integrity and Indigenous Ways of Knowing, we guide Indigenous communities through the evolving economic landscape of project development, addressing the needs of both community and industry organizations.

As we neared the end of our first year in operation, our reflections were humbling. This period of introspection coincided with the holiday season, a time when many contemplate the past year and plan for the year ahead.

Key highlights of our year include:

Elevating Indigenous involvement within the corporate community 

Our founder and President Justin Bourque had the opportunity to speak, share experiences and advocate for the prospect of Indigenous partnerships as a path to prosperity at multiple conferences and forums like

  • CANPUT 2023
  • Nexus ATC 2023
  • Walrus Talks
  • Calgary Chamber – Spark the Future
  • NAABA Showcase
  • Institutional Connects – West Forum
  • AIMCo – Converge
  • LNG 2023
  • Indigenomics Bay Street
  • ATB Wealth Conference
  • Numerous privet engagements and advocations with Corporations and Governments

Askiy Partnership 

On Oct 25, 2023 Âsokan, along with its partners Karbon-X and the Metis Settlements Development Corp (MSDC) announced the birth of Askiy Karbon Ltd. A joint venture poised to revolutionize the energy and environmental sectors while promoting Indigenous prosperity throughout Canada.  With a focus on providing an emission offset solution and sustainable project developments for Indigenous Communities and Industry emitters.

This first of its kind partnership embodies the Âsokan vision and we are proud of our participation in such an impactful partnership.

Karbon-X Partners with The Métis Settlements Development Corporation and Âsokan Generational Developments to Form Askiy Karbon Ltd: A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Collaboration (

Indigenomics 10 to Watch list 

On November 23, 2023, Âsokan was added to the Indigenomics 10 to watch list. This prestigious award acknowledges businesses that are demonstrating excellence and leadership in the emerging $100 billion indigenous economy and are impacting the way we interact and create value.

We are deeply humbled to be named on the Indigenomics 10 to watch list, a recognition we see as a validation of our core values and our commitment to empower Indigenous lives today, with tomorrow in mind.

The Indigenomics Institute announces this year’s winners of the ‘Indigenomics 10 to Watch’ List (

Wapiscanis Weseskwan Nipiy Partnership with Tamarack Valley Energy 

On December 13, 2023 Tamarack Valley Energy announced a partnership with 12 First Nation and Métis communities in Northern Alberta where the Indigenous Communities acquired 85% non-operating interest in a newly formed Clearwater Infrastructure Partnership for $146.2 million.

Âsokan played an integral role and supported the community’s participation through structuring and leading negotiations of the partnership.

Indigenous Communities and Tamarack Valley Energy Announce Clearwater Infrastructure Limited Partnership (

Our first year, while filled with these notable successes, also presented its share of challenges, typical for any business in its inaugural year. Building trustworthy relationships and a reputable brand requires determination, integrity, courage, and relentless hard work.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and all those we’ve engaged with during our first 12 months. This foundational year for Asokan Generational Developments, your contributions have helped set course for our journey toward empowering Indigenous lives today, with tomorrow in mind.

Looking ahead, we anticipate ongoing challenges, evolving dynamically as we progress. Nevertheless, we are confident that with persistent hard work and resilience, Âsokan will continue to drive impactful change, as we originally set out to do.

Reflecting on our first year of operations fills us with immense excitement for the future. We eagerly anticipate the prosperity of Indigenous Communities and the forging of partnerships that will create shared value for today and for future generations.

In the end, our performance in year one exceeded our expectations. We are humbled by our learnings and eager to share the experiential wisdom of our work with our partners and collaborators.

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